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Wizz Air Cabin Luggage

Wizz Air Cabin Luggage

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Wizz Air cabin luggage: everything you need to know

Wizz Air is currently the leader of the low-cost market in Central and Eastern Europe and a very good alternative to travel across Europe and even Asia (eg Tel Aviv and Dubai). But in terms of luggage, you have to be careful: over time they were famous for odd luggage dimensions, high surges, inflexibility in enforcing a rather strict policy and frequent changes to luggage size. Therefore we recommend you check for new rules before your flights.

Wizz Air luggage allowance at a glance:

Wizz Air luggage

Maximum dimensions

Maximum weight

How many pieces of luggage allowed

Cost / Baggage / Flight Leg

Hand Luggage

40x30x20 cm



Free of charge

Priority Hand Luggage

55x40x23 cm



Wizz Priority passengers only


149x119x171 cm

20 or 32 kg


5-65 Euro





30-60 Euro

As of November 1st, 2018, Wizz Air passengers are only allowed to bring on board only one small piece of hand luggage that fits 40x30x20 cm. Priority passengers can bring one additional piece of large cabin luggage limited to 55x40x23 cm and 10kg. Hold luggage is paid and the price depends on many factors such as:

  • flight time (crowded or not),
  • of destination,
  • by luggage weight (on horseback, luggage <23kg is cheaper than over 23kg)
  • the time / place where the baggage service is purchased (online is the cheapest option)

We recommend that you preferably purchase the Wizz air hold baggage service online, together with your flight ticket. Otherwise, if you buy this via the call center service or directly at the airport, the prices will be increased significantly.

Travelkit Recommendation for Wizz Air passengers : Buy a piece of luggage that fits 40x30x20 cm for your Wizz Air flights, and use it to carry your travel documents, money and valuables, no matter of you buy the Wizz Priority service or not. This small piece of luggage should be always kept close to you. You can use your larger suitcase as a checked (hold) luggage or as a priority cabin baggage in case ti fits the size.

Find below, in detail, all the luggage information when traveling with Wizz Air.

Wizz Air hand baggage

The hand baggage is the one you take with you on the plane and it is free, provided it is in the dimensions of 40x30x20cm - Wizz Air hand baggage. This can be either a duffel bag or a backpack. Additionally, Wizz Priority passengers can bring on board an extra piece of luggage up to 55x40x23 cm and 10kg . Note, 42x32x25cm is the old cabin luggage zise and is not accepted anymore. Also, an additional personal item is not allowed and should be placed in the luggage.

The dimensions quoted above are the maximum accepted for free hand baggage and must include all baggage, including the wheels and the handle. Baggage check is carried out with a luggage checkbox (located at both the check-in counter and at the Wizz Air boarding gate), and if your luggage does not fit into that frame, or if parts of the luggage remain out, you will be forced to pay a hefty surcharge. Please be aware that Wizz Air staff is quite inflexible in this respect, and hand baggage is often a cause for heated discussion or even scandal over Wizz Air flights.

We recommend that you carefully measure the baggage you want to travel with and make sure that the external dimensions (including the wheel + handle) are correct. If you do not have or do not want to buy a piece of hand baggage that fits Wizz Air's luggage policy , you can use one or more (up to 6 / person) pieces of hold luggage for a fee.

Wizz Air hold baggage

The hold baggage is the one you hand over to the airline to be placed in the hold of the plane and is transported for a fee.

Prices vary based on travel time and flight length, ranging from 16 to 65 Euros per bag and flight segment. Prices vary depending on the weight of the luggage, those weighing <23 kilograms are cheaper than those that exceed this weight.

The dimensions of the paid Wizz Air baggage are very generous, finishing limited to 149x119x171 cm - which allows you to travel including a XXL trotter and the maximum weight of a luggage is 32 kg. Every traveler has the right to take 6 pieces of luggage with him.


What you can bring in your hand luggage on board Wizz Air aircraft

We recommend that you store all fragile electronics such as laptop, tablet and more in your hand bag to keep them near and protect them from possible damage.

Liquids should be transported in containers of up to 100ml, placed in a single 1 liter resilient transparent bag. The concept of liquids includes: water, beverages, soups, syrups, creams, oils, lotions, perfumes, sprays, foams, gels, pastes (including toothpaste), mascara and any other similar items.

Liquids, sprays, gels, etc. purchased from duty-free shops in the airport or in the airplane must be packed in a secured and sealed bag and the products together with the receipt must remain inside the bag during the journey.

Trusa Cosmetice / Lichide Avion

Medicines and baby food are pre-made in your hand baggage, but it is possible for some medications to have to read the prescription from your doctor.

It is absolutely forbidden to carry your Wizz Air hand baggage

  • Compressed air or CO2 weapons, firearms and other equipment capable or apparently capable of launching projectiles and causing injury to persons, including: firearms of any kind, toy weapons including replicas that may be passed as real, any components except for rifles, CO2 or compressed air guns, signaling or starting guns, sporting competitions, springs, crossbows or arrows, harpoons or underwater weapons, swords or catapults of any kind.
  • Equipment designed to paralyze or immobilize, including: electroshocks, spraying gas, irritant or pepper spray or animal spray.
  • Any sharp-pointed or sharp-edged objects capable of being used to injure a person, including "knives, quilts, daggers, axes, torso, ice breakers, razor blades, cutters, scissors, sharpened martial arts equipment or with sharp edges, swords or swords of any kind.
  • Work equipment and tools including: wounds, drills and spirals, including battery-operated drilling machines, tools that can be used including guns, screwdrivers or chisels, saws and cutting machines including portable ones, torches and gas lamps, pistols and Nail and Snap /
  • Bustling instruments and items such as baseball balls, sticks and self defense sticks, martial arts equipment

Explosive and incendiary substances and equipment such as: ammunition, explosive seals, detonators and wicks, mines, grenades and other explosive military equipment, fireworks and other pyrotechnic, fumigant, dynamite, rifle and explosives.

Having in mind the very high frequency of changes in airline rules and prices, we also recommend checking the Wizz Air official website.