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Luggage: Shop by Airline

There are two different kinds of airline baggage:

Hand luggage - also called cabin baggage

This is the luggage you can carry with you on the plane. Most airlines strictly regulate both the size and weight of hand luggage, but unfortunately the rules differ greatly from company to company. For this reason, we recommend visiting the page dedicated to specific airlines flying in Europe and checking the requirements and limitations applicable to hand / cabin baggage.

There are also strict regulations on what can and can not contain hand luggage. These regulations are related to flight safety and most often refer to liquids that can only be carried on board under certain conditions (containers of up to 100ml / packed in a resealable bag of maximum 1 liter / per bag per passenger) and weapons and objects that can be used as weapons or look like weapons (spill gear etc.) - all of which are strictly forbidden.

Hold luggage:

This is the luggage you hand over to the airline to be transported in the aircraft hold. And for these luggage there are regulations that may differ from one airline to another and we recommend that you visit the page dedicated to each airline.

As a rule, more sensitive are the weight regulations (23kg for some airlines / more for others) that are designed to protect workers who handle baggage at the airport from excessive effort. For this reason, some airlines are very strict and will promptly penalize with a stunning surcharge (100 Euros for Air France for example) any hold baggage that exceeds 23 kilograms, even if your traveler has a much lighter baggage (luggage weight does not cumulate).