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Ryanair Hand Baggage

Ryanair Hand Baggage

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Everything you need to know about Ryanair baggage

Here you find everything you need to know about luggage when you fly with Ryan Air. Ryan Air the leading low cost airline in western Europe and has great ambitions in Central and Eastern Europe as well.

Ryanair luggage allowance at a glance:

Luggage Ryanair

Maximum dimensions

Maximum weight

How many luggage are allowed

Cost / Baggage / Corps

Hand baggage

40x20x25 cm



Free of charge

Priority hand baggage

55x40x00 cm



Priority Passengers only

Baggage of 15 kg


15 kg


8-50 Euro

20 kg horse baggage


20 kg


15-60 Euro

Separately, you can carry bicycles (60-70 Euros), large sports equipment (50-60 Euros), other sports equipment (30-35 Euros), ski equipment (40-45 Euros), golf clubs 30-35 Euro) and musical instruments (50-60 Euro). Ryanair will not allow pets to fly in the aircraft, even is they are transported in a cage (with the exception of medically certified cases but these will have to be applied for and approved in advance).

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Find below, in detail, all the luggage information when traveling with RyanAir.

hand baggage ryanair

Ryanair Hand Baggage

As of November 1st, 2018, Ryanair passengers (we are referring to non priority passengers) are only allowed to bring in the cabin a single piece of hand luggage / bag that fits the maximum size 40x20x25 cm (it doesn't matter if the 25cm is the width or height but will need to fit undeseat). This one small cabin baggage can be either a small duffel bag or backpack. Any personal item must be placed in this bag and is not allowed separately on board as a rule. This is the only bag you can carry with you for the duration of the flight.

However, priority passengers are allowed to bring a second piece of large cabin luggage, up to 55x40x20 cm and 10kg weight limit (usually a standard trolley case that  will fit in the overhead luggage compartment). The old luggage policy which allowed for 2 cabin bags is no longer valid.

Watchout for hand luggage dimensions: RyanAir operates by a strict policy and will promptly charge 50 Euro for each baggage that will not fit the sizer placed at the boarding gate, exceeding the allowed dimensions.

Here you can find details about Ryanair's luggage policy.

Ryanair Checked Baggage

The checked or hold baggage - the one you hand over to the airline to be placed in the air carrier - is shipped for a fee. Prices vary depending on the travel period, between 8 and 60 Euro per bag and per flight segment. This means that for a return flight you will pay the tax twice and if you have a connection flight, you will pay for each separate flight segment.

We recommend buying the online luggage transport service, preferably together with airline tickets, as they are cheaper this way. If you buy your luggage at the airport check in desk or by phone, the rates will be significantly higher, with approx. 5-10 Euro per each baggage.

The size of the Ryanair luggage is not limited, which allows you to travel even with a XXL trolley case. The maximum accepted suitcase weight is 20kg but 10kg and 15kg are significantly cheaper. Ryanair does not limit the number of pieces of checked luggage up to 20 kilo per each passenger, so theoretically it is unlimited. It is important to remember that the weight of a luggage is strictly applied to each separate piece and can not be cumulated on several pieces or on several passengers.

You can check out the Travelkit dedicated Ryanair luggage page here.

What can you bring aboard Ryanair into your hand baggage?

Cosmetics Aircraft Kit - Travelkit

Ryanair recommends that you store in your hand bag all fragile electronics such as laptop, tablet and more to have them near and protect them from possible damage.

Liquids should be transported in containers of up to 100ml, placed in a single 1 liter resilient transparent bag. The notion of liquid includes: water, beverages, soups, syrups, creams, oils, lotions, perfumes, sprays, foams, gels, pastes (including toothpaste), mascara and any other toiletries. Better leave these in your home bathroom locker or carry a special liquiqs kit.

Liquids, sprays, gels, etc. purchased from duty-free shops in the airport or in the airplane must be packed in a secured and sealed bag and the products together with the receipt must remain inside the bag during the journey.

Medicines and baby food are pre-made in your hand baggage, but it is possible for some medications to have to read the prescription from your doctor.

It is strictly prohibited to carry your Ryanair hand luggage:

  • Compressed air or CO2 weapons, firearms and other equipment capable or apparently capable of launching projectiles and causing injury to persons, including: firearms of any kind, toy weapons including replicas that may be passed as real, any components except for rifles, CO2 or compressed air guns, signaling or starting guns, sporting competitions, springs, crossbows or arrows, harpoons or underwater weapons, swords or catapults of any kind.
  • Equipment designed to paralyze or immobilize, including: electroshocks, spraying gas, irritant or pepper spray or animal spray.
  • Any sharp-pointed or sharp-edged objects capable of being used to injure a person, including "knives, quilts, daggers, axes, torso, ice breakers, razor blades, cutters, scissors, sharpened martial arts equipment or with sharp edges, swords or swords of any kind.
  • Work equipment and tools including: wounds, drills and spirals, including battery-operated drilling machines, tools that can be used including guns, screwdrivers or chisels, saws and cutting machines including portable ones, torches and gas lamps, pistols and Nail and Snap /
  • Bustling instruments and items such as baseball balls, sticks and self defense sticks, martial arts equipment
  • Explosive and incendiary substances and equipment such as: ammunition, explosive seals, detonators and wicks, mines, grenades and other explosive military equipment, fireworks and other pyrotechnic, fumigant, dynamite, rifle and explosives.

In view of the frequent changes that affect airline offers and regulations, for safety, we also recommend checking the Ryanair official website.