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Neck Wallets

Recommendations for the use of neck wallets:

Of course, we recommend wearing your wallet hidden under your clothes and opening it as rarely as possible, and ideally never in public when you can be spotted by thieves. Keep small amounts of money in your pockets so you do not have to go to wallet very often.

You can keep important travel documents (passport + air ticket) as well as cards and money in the wallet. We recommend to keep a small number of banknotes in order not to overload your wallet and keep it thinner and harder to identify by ill-intentioned people.

In order to remain secret and fulfill your primary purpose, to protect your money from thieves, neck wallets are recommended only when wearing warm clothes under which it can be worn unnoticed. When traveling in summer or hot countries, we recommend using a waist wallet, which can be worn under the pants without attracting the attention of thieves.