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Your safety is the most important

Travelers are most often the preferred targets of thieves and other categories of criminals, more or less dangerous, because they:

  • are unfamiliar with the geography and the rules of the place very well
  • do not speak very well or do not speak the local language at all
  • are not familiar with the value of the local currency
  • are tired
  • are distracted by many worries: to find the right way, to keep their attendants, not to lose luggage
  • will probably leave the location in a few days, having no time to complain about lodging a complaint with the police, etc.

Here are some helpful products for your safety and the valuable items you travel with.

5 Tips to Travel in Safety:

1) Make more copies of your identity card (passport / bulletin) and airline ticket and keep one in your luggage and another in the travel partner's luggage. You should also have scanned copies kept secure online (in your email / dropbox, etc.). In the event that you lose / steal your papers, these children will be of great help.

2) Keep the important documents together with your flight ticket and your money in a travel wallet (preferably RFID STOP) that you should wear hidden under your clothes. Keep small money in your pockets so you do not have to go to your wallet in public where you can be noticed by thieves.

3) Secure your luggage with a padlock and possibly a luggage seal to make sure no one walks in your absence.

4) Secure your camera door with an alarm if there is a danger of being visited by the thieves while in the room (you live in a hotel / area more dubious).

5) More important than anything: Be decent and careful when you are in public.

  • do not stand out more than you need,
  • do not drink alcohol (especially do not get drunk) in unknown locations,
  • try not to look like a tourist (do not go to the street with the map in the hand for example - you can check it before you go to the road or when you stop at a coffee),
  • do not accept strange / unexpected proposals from the locals you meet on the street (eg going to a club / bar, etc.) - most often they are well-known tourist traps.