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RFID Protection

What is RFID? RFID is the abbreviation of the English term Radio-Frequency Identification . It is an automatic identification method that is based on the storage and retrieval of data without touch, remotely, by radio waves, using devices called RFID tags ( RFID tags ) and RFID transponders. The technology requires cooperation of an RFID reader with RFID tag. (source: Wikipedia, find the full article here )

Why do we need RFID protection while traveling? Currently, contactless (debit / credit) bank cards and passports are equipped with RFID chips, that is, small radio transmitters. These transmitters are passive until they are activated by a nearby RFID reader that sends a strong radio signal in order to start them and cause them to emit. This new technology has given rise to a new offense: electronic theft by RFID. Thieves use a small device that passes close to your bag or wallet to read the information on your bank card or passport.

RFID Stands STOP Travelkit offers wallets made from RFID STOP material that do not allow radio waves to communicate and where your documents and cards will be safe. In addition, each wallet includes 6 RFID BLOCK covers for bank cards and 2 passports, so you are protected 200%