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Luggage Tags

Recommendations for the use of luggage labels

Luggage luggage is useful when there is a risk of losing your luggage. They are usually used when traveling with luggage, being useful in recognizing luggage lost by airlines or when traveling with large groups of people, especially in coaches where luggage they are in a separate compartment from the travelers.

How do we choose a luggage tag?

We recommend that you always choose a slightly visible label remotely to recognize your baggage without difficulty. Thus, the best labels are the phosphorescent, eye-catching colors. It is a little known that most luggage (over 90%) is black. Travelers usually opt for them because they are more resistant to dirt and neutral color does not raise problems, matching anything. However, black luggage presents the disadvantage of more difficult recognition and recovery, being difficult to find because of their very large number. In this situation, a visible, well-chosen label can help you!